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Published March 21, 2012

101 comments to “Kippy.”

  1. author: Romeo
    March 31st, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    An interesting for me was, hviang a few hit late in the evening stopped my leg from twitching and keeping me awake. This has been a problem for me for nearly 20 years. For some reason, I never tried smoking any before trying to sleep. If I had known, I would have not lost hundreds of hours of sleep. Medical marijuana advocates, please take notice.

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    April 2nd, 2013 at 10:30 pm

    AND THEY ARE NOT MUSHROOMS!They cannot put and keep this fat on without ingesting CALORIES, which must come from a source. Their metabolic rate, digestive system, heredity has nothing to do with it, or so very little it isn’t worth mentioning. You are fat because you eat too fucking much; you have conflated “eating” with “partying” (this is a middle aged phenom, but in this context I am using it in its quotidian manifestation, the daily gorge-fest I witness).Now, science has shown us that if you exercise, you can be a healthy FAT person, unless you are morbidly, as opposed to disgustingly, obese. Many many more of you are the latter as opposed to the former. But one must caution you will be healthier, but still fat. It takes an hour and a half of INTENSE exercise (not the desultory, meandering, listless exercise bike mode, but intense, sweat, burning muscles, hard) to work off a small bag of potato chips, a candy bar.None of us need to eat as we do. I see daily my staff pounding away at breakfast burritos, then lunch of a large burger and fries. I do not need to know what they eat for dinner (probably small children, fried)-the effects are obvious.SWM-I have never personally known anyone like you, someone who has lost substantial weight, and kept it off. I’m 59; I can count on one hand the number I’ve known who were heavy in high school but have trimmed in the succeeding years, and I went to 3 different high schools. This was the 60s; none of these kids would have been considered fat now. None. We considered them fat; compared to us, they were. I have known no one who did what you did. I’ve seen pictures of them ALWAYS, used to sell weight loss regimens.Occupy Wall Street to protest GREED? I think we should have started with a different one of the 7 Deadly Sins-GLUTTONY. Only we’d have to occupy America. Ok it’s up to me I’ll start:AMERICA YOU’RE FAT! NOT HEAVY, HUSKY OR ANY OTHER EUPHEMISM, BUT REVOLTINGLY FAT, YOU-BELONG-IN-A -CIRCUS-TENT-SHOW- FAT-YOU-HAVEN’T-SEEN-YOUR-FUCKING-KNEES-LET-ALONE-YOUR-GODDAMNED-FEET-SINCE-JESUS-HAD-TRAINING-WHEELS-FAT,AND EVERYONE HATES YOU YES HATES YOU IF YOU EVEN DO ONE MILDLY FLEETINGLY ANNOYING DISTRACTING THING THE OTHER PERSON THINKS “YOU FAT FUCK!”And it’s a pity. Because if you’re not fat, SOMEONE will like your mug.’S true. Few of us are Matt Damon etc. But if you’re in reasonable shape, not fat, someone out there will say “hmm…not bad”. Guys and gals.I go to the rural areas of Idaho, and I can tell you that those of you who live in urban areas (Boise counts as urban here-yeah) have no idea the scope and depth of this issue. Seriously. There you are confronted, routinely, with people who can only be described, and I’m not being hyperbolic, as gargantuan. This is a timebomb. One of the dirty little secrets of the WWII generation was their use of tobacco, and overuse of alcohol, led to conditions that were terminable, but inexpensive. Lung cancer finishes you off in about a year, and the treatment is de minimus. Cirrhosis too. Obesity ain’t like that. It’s effects are long term, and expensive to treat. We can ameliorate it somewhat with exercise (fat chance; if these porcine pieces of globular cheap stinking chip oil (get that one SWM?) had that sort of discipline they wouldn’t be fat) but not all.

  3. author: cheap life insurance
    April 7th, 2013 at 1:41 am

    that. Remember, you’re talking to a 59 year old man who just got a cell phone and gets angry, puzzled and confused when the damn thing turns into a camera (it turns back, not sure how or why). Private Man said I could become “famous” on Twitter (don’t know what it is; first time someone said they’d Twitter meI said ‘go ahead and try’. As you can see, I probably just ate up 140-wait, you said characters, not words-shit dude no way. BTW I meant every word about your accomplishment; it is singular, in fact unknown to me. Ever watch the movie “Deliverance”-sure you have. When that came out in late ’72 Ned Beatty (“Bobby”-who gets buttfucked) was considered fat, and quite so; it’s kind of the point . I haven’t seen it in years, but last time I noted that Beatty doesn’t look nearly as fat now-we’ve become used to epic corpulence. I lost 25 lbs, but at 200 and 5′ 10″ could still stand to lose about another 10 but damn I get hungry. Can’t stick to no carb either. I’m a 34″ waist, and at 59 am not looking to chase poon, my wife likes me and I exercise.

  4. author: cheap life insurance
    April 9th, 2013 at 1:35 am

    वन्दना जी किसी होंठो पर दो पल मुस्कराहट आ जये तो लगता है इस से बड़ा आज कोई दूसरा काम नही हो सकता आप ने यह बहुत बड़ा काम किया है आप हम हंस ही कहाँ सकते हैं और कोई हमे हमारी हंसी तो क्या मुस्कराहट ही लौटा दे तो क्या यह बड़ा काम नही है वास्तव में यह बड़ा काम किया है साधुवाद आप कभी चर्चा मंच पर हास्य व व्यंग के विषय ही रखये आनन्द प्रप्त होगा आप का मेरी रचनाओं को निरंतर स्नेह मिल रहा है हार्दिक आभार व्यक्त करता हूँ कृपया स्वीकार करें वेद व्यथित

  5. author: car insurance rates
    April 13th, 2013 at 1:53 am

    Hi Johanna, long time no see 😉 (entirely my fault!)In my humble opinion, your suggestion number 1 is in conflict with “complete transparency”, a quality that nowadays often is associated with agile methods even though it was not explicitly stated in the agile manifesto.*To me it sounds as if you advocate “a little less conversation” between development team and the demanding party with respect to the technical details – which seems to be in conflict with the second point.When in doubt I tend to go with option 2 although I think that option 1 should also be an automatism at higher abstraction level – but I think that option 1 looses validity if the demanding party gets closely involved in the day to day work since the architectural work becomes visible.(**)I’m not sure that I understood what your preferred approach would be?Cheers Michael—-*(Oh, and – from my point of view – if the team doesn’t have the architectural skills at hand it’s either a question of qualification or an euphemism for politics – the latter in cases where the team has to convince some higher level authority to “sign off” their architecture)**(In my experience number 4 is really only sometimes the right answer – and sometimes disastrous)

  6. author: car insurance rates
    April 19th, 2013 at 1:59 am

    andrewt,You seem to not understand what plagiarism is. It is the "use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work."Carlin copied a bunch of content off of the web and submitted it for internal consideration as part of a policy making exercise.Are you seriously going to suggest that public employees should be prohibited from printing out web pages and giving copies to colleagues who are making related policy?How can you possibly compare this with what Gavin did, explicitly stating that his discoveries were independent of CA, when in fact they came (by his own subsequent admission) as a direct result of information he read on the CA website?I'd like to see a quote from Carlin where he claims that the material in his submission is his own, or where he attempts to deny credit to somebody.When you submit a paper (as a researcher or student) you are claiming it to be the product of your own research. Don't confuse this with public policy which, thankfully, can be commented on even by people who have not conducted independent research.haraldbange,The following comparison is harmful to your credibility: "compare muzzling of a crazed astronomer like Hansen (death trains)with the trashing of the reasoned approach of Carlin"

  7. author: viagra online
    April 21st, 2013 at 2:37 am

    Ross, After reading Joe Heller’s bio by his daughter, I reread 22. This time some stuff was annoying filler——the dialogues of Col Cathcart and Korn repeating each other got on my nerves, but the Milo Minderbinder schtick was good as ever and maybe better. After personally having lost large sums trying to play the stock market with options—— ‘…everybody has a share’ all right… but the Hedge Funds shares were a lot smarter than mine. Watched PBS Ken Burns’ “Western Civilization” on Memorial Day then just happened to pick up The Diary of Anne Frank‘ while moving a box of books. Gandhi was correct: Western Civilization is a contradiction in terms.Hey——for the subtitle crowd——we saw a really good French film last night, “The Untouchables” (think “Trading Places” with Eddie Murphy, sort of) and there is a reason it won all the film festival awards, is the second highest grossing film in France ever and the two actors will probably get Oscars too! Just read that Harvey Weinstein may try to make an American version. I don’t know; the only thing that comes to mind is that it would end up a “La Cage aux Folles” starring Donald Trump and Tracy Morgan.

  8. author: order viagra
    April 22nd, 2013 at 3:07 am

    about Jesus you will enter. Are you a true citizen????Dont think whether a person is hindu or muslim. Think as a fellow human being at first.All the bad words in this world are formed to scold ANTONY the idiot.Also the contents of many people are against national integrity. First try to understand. Hinduism,budhism,jainism born in India. Islam invaders spreaded Islam in India latter European people converted (still converting by giving bribe, food,wine etc) Indians to christians. Why the hell you are converting people.You people are saying that Jesus reborn on Easter. If so where is he now? Jesus is not God. He jus did some magics among people. and developed a religion. Many kings altered Bible content per their wish. All are stupid stuff.All are commenting about Hindus in their own land. Can you able to criticise about Islam in Pakisthan or any other arab country? the next moment you will be killed. But in india you are openly criticising Hindu’s beleifs. You have this much enough freedom in india. There are many auspicious/foolish beliefs in all religions. All religions are equally good and worse.Be a human Atfirst and respect others as well.

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